With our remapping service, every client receives a free diagnostic check to see if there are any underlying problems with their vehicle. If all goes well, one of our professional genuine remapping tools will be setup to the car’s ECU. We have a range of map types we can install onto the ECU, ranging from performance improvements to fuel saving measures. Depending on variables such as the vehicle’s service history, age, and mileage, we will pick a map which suits both you and the car best.

Afterwards, we encourage you to take us on a test drive, to guarantee that you are happy with the results.

Our Products

Performance Remap
Starting from £200
✔️ Improved acceleration performance
✔️ More BHP
✔️ More Torque
✔️ Faster throttle response
✔️ More low down power
✔️ More fun
50/50 Remap
Starting from £170
✔️ Up to 20% more MPG
✔️ More Torque
✔️ More BHP
✔️ Better drive-ability
✔️ Fewer gear changes required
✔️ Smoother power delivery
✔️ Reduced Co2 emissions
Economy Remap
Starting from £170
✔️ Enhanced throttle response
✔️ Less flat spots
✔️ Smoother power delivery
✔️ Less gear changes
✔️ More MPG
✔️ Reduce CO2 emissions produced

Other Services

Speed Limiter Removal
Starting from £100
✔️ Removal of speed limiter from most makes and models
✔️ Can make changes to ECU, or remove physical speed limiting devices
Car Diagnostic Check
Starting from £30
✔️ Read fault codes, including ones manufacturer specific
✔️ Reset fault codes
✔️ Can give you advice and options