What is a stage one remap?

A stage one remap is an adjustment to the engine control unit (ECU) of a vehicle. Think of it as your car’s personal computer. It tells the car how much power it can use. A stage one remap will override the default settings of your vehicle’s ECU, allowing it to draw more power or better fuel efficiency than it would stock from the manufacturer.

What’s the difference between a stage one remap and a stage two remap?

As previously mentioned, a stage one remap is purely a reconfiguration of existing software within your vehicle. The only modification is to the ECU, which tells the engine how to draw more power. Stage two refers to the physical hardware on a car, such as performance exhausts, cooling systems, and bigger turbos. By adding additional performance hardware, you can improve your cars speed, power, and fuel economy.

Why don’t the cars come with this performance from stock?

Manufacturers often use the same engine in a series of vehicles, but allow certain models to achieve their true power so they can retail at a higher value. This is a marketing tactic employed to make you spend more. Manufacturers also have a wide range of rules which they must adhere to so they can produce their cars. These can range from specific emissions tests, to which fuel grades an engine utilises. Ensuring they meet these requirements is vital for manufacturers, and therefore stock engine performance tends to be lower than what it can capably handle.

Will a remap affect my cars warranty?

During servicing some manufacturers software will be able to tell if a car has had its ECU Remapped, As such, this could affect your manufacturer or dealer warranty.

Will my car pass an MOT when remapped?

All our Remapps are monitored for smoke emissions. Particularly in the 2003 onwards vehicles which must adhere to more stringent limits. Your car should have no problem in passing the test unless there is something wrong with the vehicle at the time. If you do have a problem we can advise. If you have existing additional modifications, (decat pipe, DPF delete etc) you may have a problem. Contact us for advice.

Will a remap affect my insurance?

Insurers are increasingly becoming more accepting of modifications such as ECU remapping. We recommend you inform you insurer of the modification to your vehicle to avoid the risk of a claim refusal. Insurers can, at their own discretion, revoke or void an insurance policy if they discover the modification.

What warranty do you give?

A 3 year warranty on the proper functioning of our software is given, detailed below:

  • We provided a 3 year free new software if you get an update from the dealer.
  • We guarantee an individual adjustment and thorough diagnosis of each car.
  • We guarantee that the software was developed by one of our qualified engineers.
  • We give 7 days no quibble money back guarantee (an installation fee will apply where there is no specific fault) Note: A specific fault does not include clutch slip on any vehicle with over 85,000 miles on the original clutch.